Kolja Kugler, the robotics artist

Starting from an old piston compressed air, Kolja Kugler is capable of making a mechatronic creatures, able to perform, entertain and amaze the spectators. Accompanied by his singular band, the Berlin artist tells us how his animated works born and develop

Cute, creative and with a flash of vivid madness that shines in his eyes when he speaks about his work: Kolja Kugler is a Berlin artist halfway between a sculptor 'green' and a DIY engineer, who travels the world exhibiting his robotic sculptures. Built from scrap pieces, mostly of mechanical and electronics origin, such as pistons of wreck cars or antiquated blenders, his animated creations are always the result of a personal interpretation of the secret soul of the objects. Through his action of transformation, the soul emerges and takes shape to assume the characteristics of a real cartoon character. So the mechatronics birds Musical flocks are perched on a tv antenna transformed into branch and they originally were Mercedes steerings. While Sir Elton Junk is a man-sized robot, born by the assembly of tubes and wheels, which runs on a cart, bows to visitors and suddenly sprays water on them. But It is always forgiven for its easygoing and ironic air, that expresses itself through the gestures and movements of the body.

Not to mention Afreakin, a giant guitarist who performs with bass, hypnotizing with the noise of its powerful music, while he looks at you with its threatening orbits, showing old motorcycle fairings, now an integral part of his body. Or, again, the funny garbage pail, which reminds us that the waste must properly be disposed and recycled. During a visit to Rome, The Digeon interviewed Kolya. In the video in hd below, what he told us.